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Stunning Sunsets - Pizza - Wine - Beer - Music

"Pelican Waterfront Cafe" Now open in Meningie

So ... here we are Now open for business in our cafe and function room.. Well that's not us, but you get it

Saturday arvo on the deck, and we have a pretty special deck...

Pizza's - home made with love.

“A change of scenery can change everything”

The Waterfront Motel in Meningie has the best ever changing scenery

Mark and I have been managing this motel and cafe for just on 3 months now, and it's been a journey to say the least. We've worked at the Birdsville hotel, Mount Surprise.. look that one up...Dubbo, and a few other places.

We needed to get back to some water, and we scored big time here, in a motel that literally backs onto Lake Albert just outside the lovely township of Meningie.

The motel has a very interesting history with real hero's and villains.

It was built in the 1960's, when Fred and Gerry Betts decided a Motel right on the lake would be a great idea.....and they were right!!!.

This is very similar to a story we were told by a recent guest. Our guest carted the bricks back in 1960 from the yard to the motel, and he told us Mrs Betts unloaded the bricks from the truck until her hands bled

Now, if this is a true story - Mrs are an inspiration. We may talk about the villains another time perhaps

So whether you are after a room, a place to hold a function, Retreat, getaway, tour stop over, lunch dinner Pizza or just a coffee all with this spectacular view #viewsareus this is the place to be.

Come join us for a pizza - beer- wine - and take in the breathtaking sunsets, check out the details on our website, PIZZA and check into this retro motel so you can check out the sunsets

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1 Comment

what a great place to stay, so clean, well appointed and tranquil...a flotilla of pelicans is cruising by morning and late afternoon. Really beautiful... This morning , the lake was like a mirror before sunrise. We think it’s the best place/location to stay in beautiful Meningie. Thank you Lyn & Mark..

Huguette & Paul , Sydney

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